We offer products and services that will meet a person’s total wellness needs through the 7 dimensions of wellness as outlined below: 

Social Wellness Products & Services

This dimension recognizes and accepts the need for interdependence with others and our environment. Social wellness encourages positive interactions within our fellowship. It also includes contributing to our human and physical environments, and improving the welfare of our communities.

Physical Wellness Products & Services

This is the combination of regular physical activities, proper nutrition, regular sleep and rest, and the avoidance of getting into unhealthy physical relationships. It also includes a systematic balance of medical check-ups, self-care, and proper personal hygiene.

Emotional Wellness Products & Services

This is the sum of ones emotions or feeling experienced at any given time. It refers to ones ability to handle emotions in a constructive way, resulting in a positive emotional state. It includes happiness, joy, and laughter, outwardly expressing personal feelings and managing stress in a positive way and having an optimistic outlook on life.

Spiritual Wellness Products & Services

This consists of coming to peace with ones’ self and discovering your life’s purpose. It is the development of a deep appreciation for the depth and expanse of life, the realization that all humanity is somehow interrelated, and that true happiness involves more than just the acquisition of material goods. 

Occupational Wellness Products & Service

It involves the attainment of personal satisfaction and enrichment from work and school settings. It includes career and education decisions, positive work and school related behaviors, and exploration of career and advanced education for the skills needed to be successful in ones career or choice as we as economic enhancement and financial stability needed for living.

Intellectual Wellness Products & Services

This is the utilization of human resources and learning resources that expand knowledge and improve skills. It refers to the active participation in scholastic, cultural, and community activities. It also encompasses knowledge and wisdom.

Financial Wellness Products & Services /Amenities

Healthy money talk: We’ll engage the community in smart money habits through our financial seminars in partnership with local financial institutions.


Our Programs

Cheza!Dance!- CHEZA means to dance & have fun in Swahili! At Cheza!Dance! we PROMOTE a healthy lifestyle through fun & enjoyable activities. Through this program, we offer virtual dance lessons through our worldwide television show, The Cheza!Dance! Show, through various events and workshops at the annual Cheza!Dance! Festival and through dance social events and dance-fitness classes such as Zumba classes. To learn more about our Cheza!Dance! Program, please visit www.chezadance.com or click here

Health Promotion Program - Services that we offer through our health Promotion Department include:

- Health-Fitness Facility Management and Staffing

- Community Health Fairs which include health screenings, health education and fitness demos.

- Personal Training

- Group Fitness Classes

To learn  more, please click here.

The Global Health Foundation - We strive to make the World a Healthier Place through our global health foundation, with a focus on the Southern African region which is comprised of fifteen countries. Our primary philanthropic services and products  include:

- Prevention through health Education

- Strength through physical activities

- Cure through holistic and conventional medicine.

To learn more and for regular updates, please visit our global health social media page here.